Frequently Asked Questions

#1 What is Cavi-Lipo?

  •  Cavi-Lipo is one of the most advanced and efficient systems using ultrasound lipo cavitation to break down fat, reduce cellulite, tighten and smooth skin, and help you lose inches. A Non-invasive alternative to liposuction is pain-free and requires no special diets or exercises to see results. This is the only technology which removes fat and improves the body’s overall look and appearance.  

  • A warm clinical setting with a friendly and helpful staff awaits you. Enjoy a relaxing cavi-lipo treatment by a licensed massage therapist with experience in treating the body.

#2 What is Thermograph​y, or Medical DITI?​

  •  Digital thermography provides patients with an opportunity for early intervention for cancer and many other illnesses. Other medical devices are different than thermography.  They lack the capabililty to see what the technology th​at thermograms can see by using the body's own source "infrared radiation emitted by human bodies.  

  • A "Thermogram" can be taken of the whole ody or just areas being investigated.  It is totally safe and risk free for men and women no matter the age or condition. 

  •  No doctor referrals are needed.  Safeguard your health and your family by having a full body scan today.