LMBT, CPT. MA#47425 MM#29460.  Licensed & Insured


JO BELLOW is both the owner of Integrated Functional Wellness, and the facility’s Chief Wellness Expert. As a holistic practitioner Jo focuses on movement, thinking and nutrition.

Jo graduated from Withlacoochee Tech Institute in 2006. She moved to the triangle area and began her practice providing basic massage as an outcall therapist. Jo’s affinity and success in improving the movement and activity of her patients led her to deepen her study of structural energetic therapy. In addition to furthering her education in the structural approach, Jo added the title of certified personal trainer, and built her practice by providing more functional movement therapies such as Pilates as well as awareness education to her clients.

In 2010, Jo’s talent came to the attention of Dr. Dallas Hancock and his wife Flo Barber, who encouraged her to pursue CranioSomatics and Pathways Intervention as part of her body of work. In addition, Dr. Dallas challenged Jo to create soft tissue protocols that would complement and add to the CranioSomatic Institute. Since then she has further developed structural therapeutic integration, which is global movement through communication techniques. Structural Therapeutic Integration gives Jo’s clients many benefits, including freedom of movement, better posture, reduction in headaches and improved breathing.

In addition to being a leading practitioner and innovator of these therapies, Jo is adding the title of CEU provider and educator in the field.

Jo is passionate about increasing the overall health, wellness and zest for living of everyone who visits Integrated Functional Wellness, and is looking forward to helping you.